Azogue Studios


Set on the ground floor and the first floor of the oldest villa of Tarifa. Originally a convent back in 1628.

Indeed an exquisite stay with many details guaranteed.

Located in the old town, yet in a quiet, narrow street.

Open air area available in a neighborhood courtyard.

Spacious, open, with decoration elements ranging from the heart of the Old Tarifa to worldwide objects. Dating from 500 years ago including cutting edge details, though. Rustic and refined at the same time. Everything in harmony for your experience.

Located in the heart of Tarifa’s old town, but in a very quiet area far from the noisiest part of the old town.

It is the area where Tapas bars, restaurants and shops are. The beach is just a 7 min walk away.

No private parking available (there is no private parking for any accommodation in Tarifa’s old town), but when you book, I will give you some very practical tips on how to access by car to unload your luggage and areas to find parking space.

Whilst I awake in Azogue...

The first house,
the house of God,
the first planet,
the closest to the sun.

The first loaf
on the table,
of spelt bread.

A scent
a just-brewed arabica coffee
permeates my lungs
my mouth tastes
of oil and honey.
The sheets envelop me
as though I´m the body,
and they´re skin;
and in that moment
I close my eyes
and I open them again,
no it´s not a dream,
or a vision,
its as real as I am,
a magical and eternal moment.

On this January morning,
cold, serene, governed by the sun
surprised by the absence of the wind.

That´s how I wake up
So far from my home,
What a beautiful awakening!
Stop time,
don´t take another step.

I discover the secrets
subtly hidden
in each corner,
and in its floors
and on its ceilings
are reflected the heat
of past lives,
as though from the walls
come the words, and flying
very slowly,
they whisper inside me.

A moment, and the sheets
the cape
of the great emperor.
I rise,
I enjoy that toast
with oil and honey
accompanied by the coffee,
with my muse, my wife
the magic, and its charm,
that make me keep on dreaming.

Thank you Azogue.
Thank you Love.

Isan Recia
January 2017
Azogue Studios-Tarifa
Translation Ms. Tara Chapman